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How to Be More Interesting

Have you ever wondered what makes you and your business more interesting to your prospects and clients?

It isn’t hourly updates on social media or a picture with a celebrity. In fact, what makes a business more interesting to prospects often eludes most business owners.


What The Heck is Marselling? | Sales Strategies

Recently, I stayed at a Ritz-Carlton and was blown away by one simple gesture that left an impact on myself and my husband.

Use This Simple and Powerful Referral Strategy

Are you actively seeking referrals from your current client base?

According to recent studies, 78% of happy clients want to give out referrals. Yet only 8% of salespeople actually ask for them. Can you see the disconnect? It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that many salespeople are missing out on key opportunities to increase their sales and grow their businesses.

I understand the intimidation factor, but the truth is in order to achieve and maintain any kind of success in sales, you have to push through the intimidation and ask for referrals anyway. They are such a powerful tool to grow your customer base, and not asking for them often enough is doing a huge disservice to yourself and your business.


Jump Start Your Revenue Growth!

Far too many companies out there simply aren’t growing.

They’re stagnating – once exciting results have been relived quarter and quarter and year after year and they’re itching to see greater revenue.

Does this sound like you?


Do You Have a Mindset For Success?

Your mindset is typically one of two things.

It can either be one of your greatest tools or one of your worst obstacles. The good news is you get to choose which side of the spectrum your mindset sits.

If there’s one quality every successful salesperson can share, it’s their overall mindset for success. I haven’t met a successful salesperson who spends most of their time focusing on scarcity or negative circumstances.

As hard as you must work in order to see results, you should be working equally as hard to stay positive and focused and instill this same mindset in your sales team. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:


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