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Are You Having the Wrong Sales Conversation?

When meeting with prospects or high level decision makers, many salespeople focus on the wrong type of conversation.

Your average salesperson will spend hours preparing sheets that outline their product’s features, benefits, pricing and other details. They practice their pitch, and at times have a lengthy speech rehearsed.

While preparation is never a bad thing, the successful salesperson understands the value of focusing on the correct aspect of the presentation.


Are You A Closer?

Closing rates are ALWAYS the “topic of the day” during workshops, coaching calls and strategy sessions. What is yours? Is that high or low compared to average? What would you expect it to be? How can we make it better? Is my closing rate higher or lower for lost deals vs. won deals?

Questions abound, here’s where you should start.

Key Skills for Prospective Sellers | Sales Tips

Last year, I was interviewed by Maclean’s Magazine. They asked me what specific courses a student needed to take in order to get a good sales education coming out of university and going into the workplace.


This Sales Skill Will Solve Your Problems

Want to accelerate your sales this year, but unsure which sales skill to make a priority and develop among your sales reps?

If I had to choose one to suggest to you, it would be prospecting.

Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper to specifically the kind of prospecting I’m talking about.


2 Ways to Coach Your Team More Effectively

You have a few top performers on your sales team. That means they don’t need to be coached, right?


Your top producing salespeople need to be coached just as much as your mid or bottom performing reps. In fact, it may be a wise decision to start coaching them even more!

Why? Because by coaching your best reps, developing them further and encouraging them to raise their own bar, you better your chances of moving your sales results forward.

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