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Turnover Above 20% is Killing Your Sales | Sales Strategies

Turnover, specifically sales turnover, hurts your business. How do I know this? Recently, I’ve been working with some clients who have suffered some devastatingly bad losses because of sales rep turnover.


Top Sellers Treat Prospects Like This…

How much attention are you paying to the way your sales team is engaging with their buyers?

Why, you ask? Well, there’s a big difference between the way mediocre or poor performers interact with their buyers compared to how top performers do.

Average salespeople view and regard their prospects as one of two things 1) superior to them or 2) inferior to them.

Let me explain.


Sellers That Lie

What’s up with the recent increase in dishonest sellers this year?

Seriously, how can anyone actually think beginning a relationship with dishonesty is going to pay off in the end?

It boggles my mind!


Inbound Sales are Heading Out | Sales Strategies

In the next 5 years, we are going to lose 33% of all inside sales jobs that are focused on order taking, and I estimate that over the next 10 years, all of those jobs will be gone for good.

There is No Excuse For This…

You read that right.

When it comes to objections, there is no reason you should be unprepared to handle them.

Think about it, there are generally only a few objections that you’re going to hear:


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