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Are You Participating in Your Own Success?

I rarely do this anymore, but it was a treat spend two full days leading a (somewhat public) workshop for an exceptional group of sellers.

I say “somewhat public” because it was a workshop offered to a group of my client’s sellers. And so, while not everyone in the “Engage Universe” was invited, we did have a select group of people from my client’s universe.

Here is what I learned:


Try Something New, Grow Your Sales

Working with so many different clients across a variety of industries really opens your eyes to new ideas, strategies and insights. I’m always open to embracing fresh new thinking!

With that in mind, I want to share with you an important point which I believe is currently eluding many sales leaders and executives when it comes to building, growing and managing their sales team – and in turn, it’s hurting their overall sales results.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

This quote is crucial to your continued success as a sales leader.


Learning While Doing: Your Secret Weapon | Sales Tips

I’m a big fan of using your best to mentor the rest. One of the other things that I’m a huge fan of is learning by doing. So, what exactly does this mean and how can you harness its power in your organization?


Speed Up Sales by Slowing Them Down

You may have noticed this interesting trend…

Lost deals tend to be the same ones that stagnate during the proposal phase. That is, after completing a needs analysis, the deals that are ultimately missed are often the same ones that sit, and sit, and sit in the proposal phase. Interestingly enough, in our research, we’ve also found that completed deals don’t tend to stagnate in the proposal phase but they do spend more time in the needs analysis phase. In fact, completed sales on average spend two to three times longer in the needs analysis phase than sales that are lost.

Let’s go even deeper with this.

Your Manager Doesn’t Have to be Your Coach | Sales Tips

Recently, I was pulled aside at a sales meeting by a couple of sales reps who said, “This is all great, Colleen, but my manager won’t coach us.  He won’t take the time to help us develop our skills. What should I do?  I mean I can’t get better because I can’t be coached.”


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