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Don’t Coach Top Performers?

They’re hitting and exceeding their targets with no signs of slowing down. Should you even bother to coach your top sales performers?

I’ve been working with executives for the last few years on sales coaching practices. I’ve noticed that many executives are on the fence about whether or not to coach top performers.

Let me clear the air.

Your top performers should absolutely be coached, regardless of how impressive their numbers have been and how long they’ve been exceeding expectations for.

Here’s the truth, you have the best opportunity to move the bar forward with your revenue by coaching your top performers. So, don’t fall into the trap! Executives who implement a “hands off” policy for their best performers are doing a major disservice. <– Click To Tweet

What’s the best way to coach them?

Turning Activity into Coaching | Sales Tips

Boost prospecting efficiency on your sales team while also creating a coaching opportunity with this innovative method.

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Are You Choosing Sales Success?

There’s a very powerful difference between the sales teams that consistently hit and exceed their targets and the sales teams that – well, don’t.

Let’s talk a little bit about the latter.

Why is it that many organizations see wild swings in revenue and inconsistent sales results? These are the organizations with sales teams that may hit their targets once in awhile, but not often enough for any worthy cause of celebration.

Meanwhile, other organizations see consistent and growing revenues and have created sales teams that constantly produce results. In other words, they aren’t just creating success by accident.

What’s the difference between these two sales teams and the results they’re creating? Find out in this article.

How to Lose Control of a Sales Process

What’s the easiest way to lose control of the sales process?

I’m sure you’ve noticed, many salespeople hold off on presenting their price to a prospective client until the final written proposal. They don’t bring up pricing in person or before a written proposal is sent because they’re afraid to scare away their potential client. Ironically, by following this methodology, they end up scaring away the prospect anyway.

If you avoid discussing pricing options until the very last moment, you make it too easy for the prospect to ignore you. They may love everything about you and what you have to offer, but if the amount they see in writing is not something they’re comfortable with, chances are they will simply avoid discussion rather than initiating it and trying to come to a solution.

In their mind, it’s much easier to ignore you than to reach out to you for a chance at a better price. Your buyer fears rejection too!

When this scenario unfolds, you lose complete control over the sales process and you make it very difficult for yourself to recover from it.


The Right Way to Measure Pipeline Velocity | Sales Tips

The majority of sales leaders and salespeople measure pipeline velocity the wrong way. Learn the right way to measure it.

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